Though 3D animation is our forte, we equally excel at telling stories using 2D still and choreographed imagery. Every project exposes a new creative dimension as no two projects have the same requirements.

Post production fantasy imagery is important in telling stories which may only exist in the mind. We have a dedicated team who would jump the idea of manipulating reality.

Understanding what our clients seek to project requires that we maintain a real relationship with them. All concepts and campaigns we work on carry hidden stories we share with our clients.

We relish the idea of converting ideas into visuals that send deep messages through the senses. Challenge us!

The Pixil Motion Incubation Programme aims at refining raw creative talent. The overall aim is to shine more light on the potential of the industry in the country and in Africa at large.


PIXIL MOTION is a birth of talented team of artists ready to solve all its clientele visual problems using pixels digitally in motion. We are the pioneers in providing rich, exciting, effective and exhilaratingly creative solutions that fit like a shoe with the requirements of our clients in Ghana.

We see every opportunity our clients give us as a challenge to manipulate our creative skills to arrive at a satisfactory result. We approach all projects with equal enthusiasm and zeal. Thus, we don’t have small or big project.

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