Building talents and equipping the next generation

PIXIL MOTION is a hub of talented team of artists prepared to meeting the needs of our clients. We are the pioneers in providing rich, exciting, effective and exhilaratingly creative solutions that fit the requirements of our clients mostly in Ghana and other countries. The film and entertainment industry have seen a face lift as well as tremendous change in the areas of media of communication. The manner of presenting ideas, telling stories or advertising keeps on changing day after day.
Furthermore, the birth of Pixil Motion INCUBATION PROGRAM is a result driven program aimed at harnessing the talents in an individual by converting their passion into a profession. The program structured to

provide hands-on skills to enable individuals fit into the job market. This program covers everything from the core fundamentals of 3D animation all the ways up to advanced techniques to prep one for the competitive market. Over the years, Pixil Motion have had the opportunity to work on numerous projects which includes but not limited to TV Commercials, Animated series and animated shorts, film editing, visual effects, complex graphic design, etc.


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By the end of this course you will have a deep understanding of modeling, texturing, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, and projects workflow in MAYA, MUDBOX and Adobe After Effects. Our team is incredibly proud to present such a complete series on 3D modeling and animation. Whether you are looking to doing some basic 3D animation, or be a rockstar at animation, this Incubation Program is guaranteed to get you there.


• Basic computer knowledge
• Basic art/design skills [Bonus]

Who is the target audience?

• Graphic designers
• Game designers
• Educators
• 3D professionals looking to learn new tools
• Beginner to advanced 3D artists
• Everyone with an interest and a passion

Program Description

Every 3D sketch or idea goes through a series of processing stages before becoming a refined image pleasing to the eye. These stages can be grouped into three major steps; Pre-Production, Production and Post Production.

Pixil Motion animation incubation center has as a result design three areas which addresses all the aforementioned stages.


Students will be taught all the skills needed to create believable characters and props required to build up a scene. Students will also be taught how to un-wrap a model and paint textures on them. Students are expected to produce models like cars, characters and buildings. Software: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop..

This program seeks to teach students how to animate living things (Organic) and Non-living things (Inorganic). Students would be walked through all the principles of animation and the stages in animation as well (BLOCKS, INBETWEENS AND FINE TUNING). Students will not learn how to create animator friendly characters but will be provided with an already setup characters and props. Students are expected to gain the necessary skills needed to build the foundation of a professional animation career. The primary software to be used will be Autodesk Maya.

Students will learn how to bring their modeled, textured and animated mesh to life by learning how to light and render models and scene professionally. Students would be provided with assets or those they have created themselves during the training. Students will learn how to do photorealistic lighting by covering areas such as one-point lighting, two-point lighting, three-point lighting, HDR or Image Base Lighting and physical sun and sky. Software: Autodesk Maya.

Journalists communicate through the use of text but the Graphic Designer communicate through the use of both texts and images. The PIXIL GRAFIX CENTER is the ideal stop for you if you want to create your profession in the area of graphic design.

You will be taught the elements of design as well as the principles of design, image preparation before use and basic web design skills. Students will also be taught how to select and evaluate the best printing process and materials for any given job. Graduates can confidently pick up their laptop and boldly compete anyone in the area of graphic design.

Program Breakdown


    MONTH 1 - 2


    MONTH 3 - 4


    MONTH 4 - 5


    MONTH 5 - 6


This program is geared towards teaching the foundations every 3D enthusiast needs to start a profession. Therefore, the course is structured such that class number is few to make way for effective teaching. This means the class number is small and only those who have paid secure a seat in the class. Also, all necessary materials needed to complete the course will be provided. Interested students too can purchase a laptop and pay in installment.